BIOZYME, INC. BioZyme, Inc. is the only company to offer both selective and sensitive fluorescence substrates (FRET) for the Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP) and A Disintegrin and Metalloproteinase (ADAM) Family members. We also have the most competitive pricing for fluorescence substrates (FRET) for the Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP) and A Disintegrin and Metalloproteinase (ADAM) Family members as well as recombinant human ADAM8 enzyme.

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Many of Biozyme, Inc. ADAM and MMP fluorescent substrates have been used successfully to screen biological samples of all kinds.  All of our ADAM substrates and MMP substrates have been used in a technique called proteolytic matrix analysis or PrAMA to decipher the contributions of different metalloproteinase activities in a biological sample even though the substrates are not completely selective. With this technique, the MMP substrates and ADAM substrates have helped quantify MMP9, MMP2, MT1-MMP, ADAM9, ADAM17, ADAM10, ADAM12, and ADAM8 activities to name a few. See our publication list for details.

The ADAM substrates and mmp substrates are well characterized and have also been used with cellular assays and purified enzyme preparations. The most specific ADAM fluorescent substrates are for ADAM8, ADAM10 and ADAM17. However, we also provide highly sensitive fluorogenic substrates that are useful also for individual assays or high throughput screening for ADAM17, ADAM9, ADAM10, ADAM8 and ADAM12, MMP1, MMP2, MMP3, MMP7, MMP8, MMP9, MMP13 and MMP14 (MT1-MMP).
Also provided are ADAM substrates and MMP substrates that can be directly attached to colorimetric and fluorometric groups, matrices, beads, and nanoparticles.

BioZyme, Inc. is in the process of providing colorimetric ADAM substrates and colorimetric MMP substrates as sensitive as fluorescent substrates.  Please inquire.

Biozyme, Inc. also offers  NEW PRODUCTS:

An ADAM substrate which is the MCA/DNP version of PEPDAB005, Catalog Number: PEPMCA002, with a new promotional price of 1mg, 80 USD.

An ADAM10 selective substrate, TENtide, Catalog Number: PEPMCA001

A new ADAM17 sensitive and selective substrate based on TACEtide,  Catalog Number: PEPDAB064

A selective ADAM10 substrate, useful for cell based assays, Catalog Number:  PEPDAB063

A new sensitive substrate for MMP9,  MMP3, MMP1 and MMP14 or MT1-MMP with a new promotional price of 1mg, 80 USD, Catalog Number: PEPDAB061